Our Service Model

Flexible Way of Delivering Legal Services

More flexible methods of delivering legal services are challenging the traditional ways people access the legal system.

For most businesses, there is always a point in time when a business leader or in house counsel decides that external legal assistance is needed.  When this need arises, many business managers essentially want the end product that comes out of the legal service, and are seldom interested in what goes into securing a good legal service.

The issue for the business is how to maximize value for legal services while minimizing costs.

One way to accomplish this is to outsource your legal needs to our firm.

  • It is our goal to take on the role as your own personal in-house counsel or to supplement your existing in-house counsel without you having to incur the costs and expenses of having to employ a new or additional full time senior lawyer on staff or retain a full service firm at downtown prices.


  • Our firm works with other law firms, including a prominent Bay Street firm, that can provide back-office services when required. Accordingly, if a particular area of expertise is needed, we can use our business relationships to secure the requisite legal advice more efficiently and cost effectively.
  • Our focus is to develop a long term legal services relationship with you. As this relationship develops, we will be the firm the business leaders and business units can “bounce ideas off” with the understanding that we know your business and your future plans. We have many current examples of how our firm can enhance overall value-add to the client.